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FIVE THOUSAND MILES One Prew's adventures in Japan. April, 2014.

Day one: The flight

Me at Heathrow airport, ready to go.

Waiting for my flight.

The flight, despite being almost 12 hours, was actually fine. I’ve never been on a flight anywhere near that long before, nor such an ‘up market’ airline. They give you so much food on Virgin Atlantic! I watched Inside Llewyn Davies but it was a bit boring – more of the cat(s) and it might have been alright. Could have watched loads more films but I ended up doing more reading/listening to music and snoozing than film watching.

I had a really friendly British man, Neil, next to me and we talked a lot. He lived in Japan from age 22–29, teaching English and married a Japanese lady. They moved to England though, and he works in London now. He was going to join his family who were on holiday in Japan for Easter holidays (they all live in London now). I didn't actually get to say goodbye/thank for being good company after immigration but I saw him again on the return flight and said hello again which was nice.

I saw some snow-capped mountains from the air, over Russia/Siberia, which was a first for me. Sun was shining in Tokyo on arrival which put me in a good mood. And I settled surprisingly well into the time difference – 8 hours ahead. Jet leg never actually happened for me.

Out of the window before take off.

Day 2: Tokyo Next