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Branding / Editorial Design / Typography

Love Japan is a magazine created by fans, for fans. We have contributors from the USA, Japan and UK, and we all share one thing in common; a passion for Japanese culture. Our aim is to bring you a beautifully designed online magazine, once every quarter, with the first issue due for release in Spring 2015.

Love Japan is creative, contemporary and colourful, and filled with fun and interesting Japanese related topics. From travel, food, fashion, and art, to interviews, events, and pop culture, we'll have it covered. We want to fill the gap in the market for people who want their Japanese fix with a side order of eye candy.

Put together by a small creative team from London in the UK, our magazine is a fusion of East meets West.
Emily Faulder, editor and creator of Love Japan Magazine

When I first heard of Emily Faulder’s plans for Love Japan Magazine, I just knew that I had to be involved. As a lover of Japan myself and a graphic designer, I contacted Emily offering my design expertise. I was very excited when she asked me to design the logo for the magazine – to be used on social media, as well as within the magazine itself – and work on a sample magazine design for the first issue.

I produced a stand-alone logo graphic, a colour palette to be used throughout the magazine and website, a selection of pattern designs to be used as backgrounds and borders within the magazine, title typography for the front cover of the magazine and suggested other typography combinations and ideas that could be used within the magazine.

Love Japan logo Love Japan Magazine title typography

I didn’t have too much involvement in the actual layout of Issue #1. But I designed some of the elements that are in use throughout – such as the patterns (above). Plus, one of my photos is in there – see if you can find it! I have also made some overall typographical and editorial design tweaks to the final magazine – as an editorial designer in my day job, I thought I could put my skills and expertise to good use.

I’m excited to say that, although I didn’t work on the design for the layout of this first issue, I will be having more involvement in Issue #2. So, stay tuned for more details on #2! And for now… here is Issue #1: